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Welcome to the home of Jazz Matters.

In 2018, inspired by a love of Jazz music, we launched the Jazz Matters project.


The aim was simple; make playing and enjoying jazz music as accessible as possible, introduce new people to the world of jazz and provide a platform for both established and emerging jazz artists.


Our Podcast aims to be a useful resource for those looking to learn more about jazz artists and events. We try to give exposure to those producing excellent music or creating a space for people to enjoy live jazz.


Through our live events, we are striving to bring the very best established artists to those who love jazz music and, at the same time, promote emerging artists and provide opportunities for even more people to start listening to and playing jazz.


The Jazz Matters project is not intended to be a "for-profit" enterprise. Any money raised is pushed back in to our Podcast and live events. We also seek funding and sponsorship to continue to offer workshops, accessible performances and other opportunities, to allow everyone to share the joy of jazz.


If you like what we do, then please consider supporting us with a small donation. If you sign up to our mailing list, we will be sure to keep you informed of the good work we do with your donation.

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